Monday, September 29, 2008


This is not so much craft related but oh my what an awesome post this is (at least for me!) Yesterday was my anniversary. I didn't think we were going to do much with church and a pinewood derby race after. But last week someone GAVE us tickets to Third Day!! I didn't think I was going to go because they were out of my budget. But we had incredible seats. THEN on the way to the concert, we rode with some friends. Well these friends are great and amazing and looky what they let my hubby buy from them!!!!

He BUILDS guitars for fun. This is a beautiful guitar. I'll admit it I cried. A month or two ago our friends had a bit of a garage sale and he mentioned selling it. It was for an amazing price, but still not within the budget. Well he's been letting the wonderful hubby pay him off bit by bit. It sounds beautiful too! It's awesome. And it's mine. woo!

The concerta was great too. Here's a couple of my fav pics
Look Mac almost has the same guitar! woo!

This was a cool pic from Switchfoot's lead singer going climbing the back wall and singing. The spotlight hit him just right.
Third Day doing "Run To You" one of my new favorite songs off the new album. It was an amazing show. It was soooooooo much fun!

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Robin Hood...again

Okay, so it should come as no surprise anymore. It'll take some time before I get this out of my system. I made a handkerchief with Robin and Marian on it. I don't know what I'm going to do to finish it, but I HAD to finish this project. It's on a handkerchief to symbolize the tears cried. Cause I'm a dork. LOL It even made it to Hottest Topics on Craftster. High praise indeed for my geekery! Here it is! (The original pic is a couple of posts down.)

Thursday, September 04, 2008

More RH rambling

Okay, so I'm still not over it. I was wondering around Youtube today because the BBC Junkies on ravelry sent a link with Richard Armitage interviews. Well that just snowballed and I found a beautiful video. I think it's Evenessance "my immortal" but it sounds different. It's soooooo sad....
Here it is.

Poor Robin.

In other news, I'm finally to the lace segment of my Feb. Lady sweater. Sot that's nice. I'll post a pic later....maybe. LOL

Here's a yarn I spun up for my soon to be Etsy. I'm going to get some more stuff up before I open it officially. But I hope to have it running by November. I've got two swaps to do also. So I hope I'll have enough time to get everything together. Here's the yarn

Northern lights
That's it for now.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

I'm in mourning...and also slightly pathetic!

Okay, why am I in mourning? Marian died! Who? Marian the character played by Lucy Griffiths in the BBC version of Robin Hood. It's probably the only show I totally keep up with. And they killed her! How can this be? Robin and Marian's love story was central to the show. And Will and Djac stayed in the Holy Land! I feel like I've lost a real person. This is why I'm pathetic. I clearly need more friends or a life or therapy! LOL The only happy part is that they finally were able to be married. So she died married to Robin. I don' t know what they'll do with this from now on, but it'll be at least a year before I'll know. And I've just heard they may not even release it in the US! ACK! If you read this and you are from the UK, I will find something to give you-money, yarn, lovely handcrafted goodies!- in order to have this on DVD especially if they don't release it here. Seriously.

In Memoriam....sniff...On the other hand, I did make some progress on a knit-a-long I'm doing. I'm doing the February Lady Sweater. I'm doing it in Cascade. I don't remember the colorway, but I call it kermit green! Here's my progress so far.

Well that's my latest update. Oh I may or may not join the Ravelympics. I'm still thinking if I have enough time. I have two swap packages coming up too. So I don't know. If I do I have to figure out which team I'm going to join also.

Yep, my life seems full of shallow things, but it's only because I like to keep it light here. And just a little pathetic, mourning characters on tv shows n stuff. Yeah I'm cool like that. ha.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Sheldon and the Jacket of evil

So I tracked down Sheldon. He was hiding behind my daughter's bed. Well technically it's "Sheldalina" according to my kid but I call her Shelly. Here she is. Up close and personal.

Full on view (and my yard!)

Side view so you can see her pretty shell.

And here is the JACKET OF EVIL on Lola. Well pinned to her, Lola is a bit chesty for it to button. Now here are a couple of views of the jacket of evil. So many little things to do, hand sewing the ENTIRE lining in. And I had so many things go wrong with this jacket I was angry just having it here. I even managed to sew the button holes on the wrong side. yep. Like 12 hours before it needed to be done. I thought I was going to do bad things to the jacket at that point. When I gave the jacket to him and told him that I put the button holes on wrong the first time, the look on my face must have said, "Go ahead, say something...I DARE you!!" I did sew them up and make new ones. I told him take "the jacket" (because at this point it was like saying a dirty word to say jacket) and never bring it back. LOL Well here are the only shots I have, as modeled by Lola. up...hehe

So there you go. What I've been up to recently. The rest is a secret...

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Making stuff...gettin' stuff

Okay, so on the making stuff front, I have something for Kishcrafts, something for sewknitter, knit a Sheldon for my daughter and a commission that is pure evil. Evil I tell you! I can't really say what the stuff for kish and sewknitter is, because well, it's for a swap and that would spoil it. I love surprises. So that must remain a mystery for now. My daughter has lost Sheldon in her room so I can't even put that pic up. I've got to start remembering to take pics though. I've made some stuff I was kinda proud of and forgot to take pics.

The evil commission is in the form of a civil war military jacket. It is truly evil. I've always done well when it comes to sewing clothing. I can make clothes w/o patterns, adjust and alter all that stuff. Not like a pro, but I'm efficient enough. The jacket I'm making has a very strange pattern, and I've had to alter it due to the height of the person I'm making it for. No big, except that it hates me and tries to make me miserable. Seam allowances change w/o warning, the sleeves are too wide at the shoulder, I've had to redraft from a smock (long coat) to an enlisted man's coat. which is in itself interesting. I have never had so much trouble with a piece of clothing. I've sewn satin baby dresses (for dedications) and have never had the troubles I have with this jacket. Well anyway, I've ranted lately, and I've not worked on it today so I'm not nearly as upset as I was earlier this week. I've actually had conversations with the jacket, informing it of how much I loathe it. I clearly need to get out more. LOL I hope to take pictures of this foe once I've vanquished it!

Now for the gettin' stuff. I have recently really become enamored with all things Asian. I love the Japanese stuff especially. A friend of mine is from the Philippines which is totally cool, because I love her and she shares all kinds of great information from her country. She also shares my excitement over things like anime' Asian inspired/themed things, and we're both kind of dorky and a little random. So it's never dull! Anyway, she's super sweet, and she went to an Asian market -that I didn't know existed!- with her family for a certain item. Well she brought me back a fabulous treat! Calpico! Look! Mine was the Hello Kitty w/the kimono.

It's a milk-based drink. It's powdered milk and lactic acid and flavors. It reminded me of an orange flavored otter-pop. I was so excited I actually jumped up and down...yep I really am that big of a dork! Anyway, it was blog worthy. I plan on doing something with the wrapper, or the container. I don't know what yet, but I will do something!

I guess that's it for now. I will try to include more crafty pictures.

Monday, May 05, 2008

Fun stuff!

Okay, so lately I've had an obsession with all things Asian. I love Manga, Shojo, bento, Japanese gameshows. I love Ninja Warrior, The Unbeatable Bansuke, and I've forgotten one I used to watch that a friend from the Philippines reminded me of, Takeshi's Castle. You can find it online. I love kawaii (cute) stuff like food and even poo with faces. This is where my crafting has been going. So anyway, I'll include craft stuff later, this is just too funny to not post. Oh, I found this on It's not all family friendly but there is some awesome stuff there!

If you look on my Ravelry account, you'll see lots of the Japanese knitting/crochet stuff I've found. I lurrrv it!

Friday, March 07, 2008

Random thoughts with minor craft relatedness

I can't even think of how to begin this entry. The last few months have been sucktastic at the highest level. Lotsa junk. I had a stinkin' flu for like 2 1/2 weeks before I had to go to the ER and get a breathing treatment. I was barely up to doing daily stuff w/o sweating and breathing like I ran a marathon. It was stupid and I am glad I'm finally better. Still have to take maintenance inhaler which sucks, but ah well at least I can live normally again.

A cool thing happened though. I discovered legal crack. Yep it comes in the form of a Starbuck's Chai Tea Latte'. It is seriously my crack. I begin to plan when I can have it, I think about it when I don't have it. I'm giddy when I get it. Okay maybe it's not quite that bad, but it's pretty darn good! I also found that it's just a box of tea (Tazo) that you can buy in the store for around $5 instead of 3 1/2 for a cup. So I make my own crack now. It's awesome. Try it if you haven't. I'm almost convinced they put something in it. LOL

Now one more thing before craft stuff. WHAT THE HECK??? Cirie and CHET are still there????? I cannot believe anyone would listen to her. And she's so super smug about "controlling" her tribe!! And the blond from the "outcasts" who keeps Chet around. Why????? She's clearly digging her own hole there. UGH even Ozzy, who up until now, I thought was a really smart player. Why didn't they keep Joel? Get rid of him in the merge, but man he's needed for brute force. WHY OH WHY would they listen to her?? She knew she's next. I don't care for Joel's lack of compassion about dragging Chet, but he [Chet] gives up every time it's tough! Clearly Ozzy's judgment is clouded by his hormones. Which is another @@ moment. I had high hopes for Yauman and they got rid of him, I had thought I'd support Ozzy. Now I hope the little blond ice cream scooper kids wins. He's the only one that doesn't seem so arrogant. I think the "favs" are getting big heads. Big question is , why do I care? LOL

Crafty stuff. I love me some poppets. I don't even know when it happened but now I'm slightly obsessed with them. Still knitting. Did a super awesome hat recently. But I had to hurry and ship it and as usual I forgot to take a picture. It's the Transformer Toque. You can find the link in my Ravelry account I think. If not then look at Craftster. The lady who made up the pattern is a genius, and if I wasn't so lazy I'd find her name. I'd say I'll find it and put it up, but...yea. It was fun and I made it with baby alpaca. MMMM alpaca.

I got a couple of lbs. of fiber from Sheep Shed and some from Babetta's recently. Fun fun.
Here's some stuff I've done recently. All the stuff being shown has come to me via swaps. Can you say Craftster love??? yeah. The black/pink is about sock weight. I spun it from some lovely rolags sent to me by Raynbow. The other came from Astormorray. The middle rope is mohair. It's wonderful! I'm combining it with some angelina and some rust colored roving.