Saturday, October 03, 2009

I'm still alive!!

Well, interestingly enough, I've been busy playing WoW lol. I admit, when I get free time, that 's what I'm doing. Alot. LOL check out my lvl 43 Warrior! You can't see it but I have the SWEETEST axe from Scarlet Monastery too. It's called "The Ravager" and when she attacks sometime she spins and takes on everyone around her. I love this game!!
And just in case you think I haven't been crafting, I have!! Lots of knitting done for 12 days of Christmas swap (aka crafting madness) and I spun 1lb of alpaca and some Sheep Shed Studios mill ends. Check it out! First one is 1lb (minus a sample skein) of alpaca I carded and spun. It was a learning curve because the staples were short! Like just a little over an inch in some places. 1470 yards approx. and almost a bulky at 8wpi. Pretty darn proud of it, it was for a friend. Now I get to spin this gray alpaca that has flecks of rusty red and black in it. It promises to be fun! It'll be for another friend.

This one is the Sheep Shed stuff. My dd and her friends were over dying eggs for Easter and they were done. Epiphany struck and I yelled, "WAIT!!! Don't throw out the dye!!!" Out of all the dyes the green seems to have stuck best. I have a bit more I'll spin up eventually. I don't have the stats on this because it's mine and unfinished sorta so I guess just enjoy. It's sort of self-striping too! It's called MMMmint!

Monday, July 06, 2009

Geek Utopia/Nerd Nirvana/Dork Paradise

I have found it! It is in a fantasy realm (duh!) called World of Warcraft. WoW in abbreviated form.It's an online multi player role playing game. It is world wide. I cannot even tell you how much fun it is. Now I understand all the Wow widow jokes. Not only is it full of elves and orcs and fantasy creatures, but it's full of geeks! Yep. Dorks unite! And last night as I played I was slaying baddies and chatting with another player who had a discssion with me about Tolkien elvish (his name was straigh out of the Silmarillion) And he recognized that my name was elvish too, so that meant at least a rudimentary knowledge of elvish was present!I also spent time player with a bunch of people who go aroudn helping you level up! They're like WoW good samaritans! I'm only level 13 cause I don't get to play all the time, but I would if I didn't practice self control! Today I got a little play time and I joined a guild who helps you get to ASTRONOMICAL levels. The player that invited me today was a leve 71!! It is my favorite game EVER. Look here's my player.

On a crafty side note, I may make a WoW poppet or two! I love this game.