Monday, January 29, 2007

The 80's

Heh, the 80's . What a fantastic time it was. And it's even more awesome that the 80's have come back! I love everything about the 80's...well... almost. I don't love shoulder pads. And I'm iffy about leg warmers. I've been reliving my youth ( ah I've dated myself) and watching all my old favorite bands on you tube. I have to say, I almost feel sorry for some of them. I was watching White Lion ( used to thingk Mike Tramp was gorgeous.) and there's this part where he totally flips his hair and gives a "come hither" look to the camera. I still have the giggles from it. Ah the 80's cheese factor is fabulous.

I used to think that my mom sitting there going "I remember when" was ridiculous. Um...maybe it wasn't so ridiculous after all. I love my life now, but there's something to be said for reminiscing. I think I may pay tribute to the 80's some how in crafting.

....maybe knitting some leg warmers could be the start of it. Or something checker board. hmmm

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Crafty Goodness

I love Crafster. My family loving Craftster...not so much. Okay my family probably wouldn't even know Craftster existed if it weren't for me going, "Just a second, I want to look at one more thing on Crafster." Or having to get up in the middle of a movie or soemthing because I finished something and have to post it on Crafster. I will probably post what I'm doing/crafting also, but for now, this will serve as a place for my swap partners to find out about me.

I love rich autumn-like colors best. Being that I'm a red-head with pale -read:lack of pigment- skin those are best for me. I love Lord of the Rings, medieval, (just not evil thanks ;-D ) art, sewing, ATCs knitting,spinning,(If you're wondering , why yes I'd LOVE a spinning wheel.) Pretty much anything you can make I'd love to try. I knit a lot. I love yarn. I want a yarn store. Not to make money, merely to justify having copious amounts of yarn with a believable excuse! Bear with me as I figure out how to make my blog a fun place to visit.