Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Well....Here I am again.

So it's been what? Years. I know, bad, bad, blogger. I've a very short att...oh look something shiny...where was I?  I hope to update this to include my crazy life. It may never attract much attention, or be interesting to anyone but me, but I'm gonna see what happens.

I hope to make this a somewhat well rounded blog, encompassing everything that pertains to life around me. Narcissistic isn't it? I suppose that's where the struggle is. I want to share my life, and yet I don't want it to be all about me. Dichotomy you say? Yes...yes it is.

How can I sum up 4 years of life in one post? I am not sure it's possible. I guess short and to the point. Serious life changes here.

Got divorced, moved to a new town, got pregnant, had a wonderful little man, miss the two big kids I already have because they chose to stay with their dad. They're pretty amazing. I work at a pretty fun place. Just like any jobs, it has ups and downs, it's working with the public therefore some of the patrons are not pleasant. That's really the worst part, not being able to punch them in the throat when they act like complete idiots, and usually over approximately $ .30.

I have another "job" sort of. I get to work with an amazing person to create clothing, some of it even couture. That is a constant work in progress as we grow and change and become something amazing.
Also opening a new etsy. Maybe one day I won't be broke! LOL So there you have it. My life.

Saturday, October 03, 2009

I'm still alive!!

Well, interestingly enough, I've been busy playing WoW lol. I admit, when I get free time, that 's what I'm doing. Alot. LOL check out my lvl 43 Warrior! You can't see it but I have the SWEETEST axe from Scarlet Monastery too. It's called "The Ravager" and when she attacks sometime she spins and takes on everyone around her. I love this game!!
And just in case you think I haven't been crafting, I have!! Lots of knitting done for 12 days of Christmas swap (aka crafting madness) and I spun 1lb of alpaca and some Sheep Shed Studios mill ends. Check it out! First one is 1lb (minus a sample skein) of alpaca I carded and spun. It was a learning curve because the staples were short! Like just a little over an inch in some places. 1470 yards approx. and almost a bulky at 8wpi. Pretty darn proud of it, it was for a friend. Now I get to spin this gray alpaca that has flecks of rusty red and black in it. It promises to be fun! It'll be for another friend.

This one is the Sheep Shed stuff. My dd and her friends were over dying eggs for Easter and they were done. Epiphany struck and I yelled, "WAIT!!! Don't throw out the dye!!!" Out of all the dyes the green seems to have stuck best. I have a bit more I'll spin up eventually. I don't have the stats on this because it's mine and unfinished sorta so I guess just enjoy. It's sort of self-striping too! It's called MMMmint!

Monday, July 06, 2009

Geek Utopia/Nerd Nirvana/Dork Paradise

I have found it! It is in a fantasy realm (duh!) called World of Warcraft. WoW in abbreviated form.It's an online multi player role playing game. It is world wide. I cannot even tell you how much fun it is. Now I understand all the Wow widow jokes. Not only is it full of elves and orcs and fantasy creatures, but it's full of geeks! Yep. Dorks unite! And last night as I played I was slaying baddies and chatting with another player who had a discssion with me about Tolkien elvish (his name was straigh out of the Silmarillion) And he recognized that my name was elvish too, so that meant at least a rudimentary knowledge of elvish was present!I also spent time player with a bunch of people who go aroudn helping you level up! They're like WoW good samaritans! I'm only level 13 cause I don't get to play all the time, but I would if I didn't practice self control! Today I got a little play time and I joined a guild who helps you get to ASTRONOMICAL levels. The player that invited me today was a leve 71!! It is my favorite game EVER. Look here's my player.

On a crafty side note, I may make a WoW poppet or two! I love this game.

Monday, September 29, 2008


This is not so much craft related but oh my what an awesome post this is (at least for me!) Yesterday was my anniversary. I didn't think we were going to do much with church and a pinewood derby race after. But last week someone GAVE us tickets to Third Day!! I didn't think I was going to go because they were out of my budget. But we had incredible seats. THEN on the way to the concert, we rode with some friends. Well these friends are great and amazing and looky what they let my hubby buy from them!!!!

He BUILDS guitars for fun. This is a beautiful guitar. I'll admit it I cried. A month or two ago our friends had a bit of a garage sale and he mentioned selling it. It was for an amazing price, but still not within the budget. Well he's been letting the wonderful hubby pay him off bit by bit. It sounds beautiful too! It's awesome. And it's mine. woo!

The concerta was great too. Here's a couple of my fav pics
Look Mac almost has the same guitar! woo!

This was a cool pic from Switchfoot's lead singer going climbing the back wall and singing. The spotlight hit him just right.
Third Day doing "Run To You" one of my new favorite songs off the new album. It was an amazing show. It was soooooooo much fun!

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Robin Hood...again

Okay, so it should come as no surprise anymore. It'll take some time before I get this out of my system. I made a handkerchief with Robin and Marian on it. I don't know what I'm going to do to finish it, but I HAD to finish this project. It's on a handkerchief to symbolize the tears cried. Cause I'm a dork. LOL It even made it to Hottest Topics on Craftster. High praise indeed for my geekery! Here it is! (The original pic is a couple of posts down.)

Thursday, September 04, 2008

More RH rambling

Okay, so I'm still not over it. I was wondering around Youtube today because the BBC Junkies on ravelry sent a link with Richard Armitage interviews. Well that just snowballed and I found a beautiful video. I think it's Evenessance "my immortal" but it sounds different. It's soooooo sad....
Here it is.

Poor Robin.

In other news, I'm finally to the lace segment of my Feb. Lady sweater. Sot that's nice. I'll post a pic later....maybe. LOL

Here's a yarn I spun up for my soon to be Etsy. I'm going to get some more stuff up before I open it officially. But I hope to have it running by November. I've got two swaps to do also. So I hope I'll have enough time to get everything together. Here's the yarn

Northern lights
That's it for now.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

I'm in mourning...and also slightly pathetic!

Okay, why am I in mourning? Marian died! Who? Marian the character played by Lucy Griffiths in the BBC version of Robin Hood. It's probably the only show I totally keep up with. And they killed her! How can this be? Robin and Marian's love story was central to the show. And Will and Djac stayed in the Holy Land! I feel like I've lost a real person. This is why I'm pathetic. I clearly need more friends or a life or therapy! LOL The only happy part is that they finally were able to be married. So she died married to Robin. I don' t know what they'll do with this from now on, but it'll be at least a year before I'll know. And I've just heard they may not even release it in the US! ACK! If you read this and you are from the UK, I will find something to give you-money, yarn, lovely handcrafted goodies!- in order to have this on DVD especially if they don't release it here. Seriously.

In Memoriam....sniff...On the other hand, I did make some progress on a knit-a-long I'm doing. I'm doing the February Lady Sweater. I'm doing it in Cascade. I don't remember the colorway, but I call it kermit green! Here's my progress so far.

Well that's my latest update. Oh I may or may not join the Ravelympics. I'm still thinking if I have enough time. I have two swap packages coming up too. So I don't know. If I do I have to figure out which team I'm going to join also.

Yep, my life seems full of shallow things, but it's only because I like to keep it light here. And just a little pathetic, mourning characters on tv shows n stuff. Yeah I'm cool like that. ha.