Monday, January 29, 2007

The 80's

Heh, the 80's . What a fantastic time it was. And it's even more awesome that the 80's have come back! I love everything about the 80's...well... almost. I don't love shoulder pads. And I'm iffy about leg warmers. I've been reliving my youth ( ah I've dated myself) and watching all my old favorite bands on you tube. I have to say, I almost feel sorry for some of them. I was watching White Lion ( used to thingk Mike Tramp was gorgeous.) and there's this part where he totally flips his hair and gives a "come hither" look to the camera. I still have the giggles from it. Ah the 80's cheese factor is fabulous.

I used to think that my mom sitting there going "I remember when" was ridiculous. Um...maybe it wasn't so ridiculous after all. I love my life now, but there's something to be said for reminiscing. I think I may pay tribute to the 80's some how in crafting.

....maybe knitting some leg warmers could be the start of it. Or something checker board. hmmm

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crafty_kat said...

*chuckles* I can't wait to see what you come up with. And yes, there's totally something to be said about reminiscing. But boy, does it make me feel old at times! ^_~