Thursday, May 29, 2008

Sheldon and the Jacket of evil

So I tracked down Sheldon. He was hiding behind my daughter's bed. Well technically it's "Sheldalina" according to my kid but I call her Shelly. Here she is. Up close and personal.

Full on view (and my yard!)

Side view so you can see her pretty shell.

And here is the JACKET OF EVIL on Lola. Well pinned to her, Lola is a bit chesty for it to button. Now here are a couple of views of the jacket of evil. So many little things to do, hand sewing the ENTIRE lining in. And I had so many things go wrong with this jacket I was angry just having it here. I even managed to sew the button holes on the wrong side. yep. Like 12 hours before it needed to be done. I thought I was going to do bad things to the jacket at that point. When I gave the jacket to him and told him that I put the button holes on wrong the first time, the look on my face must have said, "Go ahead, say something...I DARE you!!" I did sew them up and make new ones. I told him take "the jacket" (because at this point it was like saying a dirty word to say jacket) and never bring it back. LOL Well here are the only shots I have, as modeled by Lola. up...hehe

So there you go. What I've been up to recently. The rest is a secret...

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Aleryan said...

Sheldon is adorable! Love him/her. LOL. That jacket looks like a pain to make but from the picture I wouldn't not have guessed that it was handmade, it's great! Thanks for stopping by my blog. The knitting looms are fun. There is a loom knitting sock group on Yahoo too. Thanks for sharing your blog!