Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Well....Here I am again.

So it's been what? Years. I know, bad, bad, blogger. I've a very short att...oh look something shiny...where was I?  I hope to update this to include my crazy life. It may never attract much attention, or be interesting to anyone but me, but I'm gonna see what happens.

I hope to make this a somewhat well rounded blog, encompassing everything that pertains to life around me. Narcissistic isn't it? I suppose that's where the struggle is. I want to share my life, and yet I don't want it to be all about me. Dichotomy you say? Yes...yes it is.

How can I sum up 4 years of life in one post? I am not sure it's possible. I guess short and to the point. Serious life changes here.

Got divorced, moved to a new town, got pregnant, had a wonderful little man, miss the two big kids I already have because they chose to stay with their dad. They're pretty amazing. I work at a pretty fun place. Just like any jobs, it has ups and downs, it's working with the public therefore some of the patrons are not pleasant. That's really the worst part, not being able to punch them in the throat when they act like complete idiots, and usually over approximately $ .30.

I have another "job" sort of. I get to work with an amazing person to create clothing, some of it even couture. That is a constant work in progress as we grow and change and become something amazing.
Also opening a new etsy. Maybe one day I won't be broke! LOL So there you have it. My life.

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