Sunday, October 14, 2007


:::Insert maniacal laugher and odd jerky movements some might recognize as the "happy dance"::::: Oh yes indeed I am happy. Happy doesn't even begin to cover it really. I'm ecstatic, overjoyed, a little insane maybe. I GOT MY WHEEL. Oh yes my friend, I will have a wheel soon. Thanks to my honed stalking abilities, and also to the fact I can "hold it" for 45 minutes while fighting with some other person who thought they would snipe MY wheel in the last 20 minutes. Oh no, not MY wheel she won't! Okay so I'm slightly dramatic. I'm pretty darn excited. I've had "wheel fever" for while now, but this dutch company on ebay keeps selling them so cheap with hand carders, a lazy kate and even a skein winder. I won a Louet s60. squee! I wish they had a "get it now" button, kinda like the "buy it now" one. That would be sweet. Now I have to wait two weeks. Who knows what kind of madness may ensue over at Sheep Shed or the various etsy shops now that I know I will have a wheel. My LYS is getting silk hankies and more dyes. Okay, I'll quit ranting but this was news that couldn't wait! I'll post pics when I get it. Along with the pics of Lola's outfit if I ever finish it. ha.

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