Saturday, November 17, 2007

Catching up!

I have been falling behind on my blogging, it's no wonder nobody reads it. So without further adieu here is a monster "look what I've done" post.

My wheel, I've named him Wylie. Sitting there on his lazy-kate is my first navajo plied yarn. I love my wheel!

Next, my yarns. I'll just add the group shot, if you want closeups you can look at my crafster posts.

I suppose the picture loading isn't working right for me, oh well.

A couple of pics of Lola, hem still unfinished. One closeup of the necklace and belt. I loves me the belt!

The last pic is a sweater (aka the five hour sweater) I made for a friend's baby shower. I ran out of yarn and couldn't find anymore of the purple so I got the bright idea to add some fur to the ends of it. It went over well.

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crafty_kat said...

looks like you've been busy ^_~