Wednesday, August 06, 2008

I'm in mourning...and also slightly pathetic!

Okay, why am I in mourning? Marian died! Who? Marian the character played by Lucy Griffiths in the BBC version of Robin Hood. It's probably the only show I totally keep up with. And they killed her! How can this be? Robin and Marian's love story was central to the show. And Will and Djac stayed in the Holy Land! I feel like I've lost a real person. This is why I'm pathetic. I clearly need more friends or a life or therapy! LOL The only happy part is that they finally were able to be married. So she died married to Robin. I don' t know what they'll do with this from now on, but it'll be at least a year before I'll know. And I've just heard they may not even release it in the US! ACK! If you read this and you are from the UK, I will find something to give you-money, yarn, lovely handcrafted goodies!- in order to have this on DVD especially if they don't release it here. Seriously.

In Memoriam....sniff...On the other hand, I did make some progress on a knit-a-long I'm doing. I'm doing the February Lady Sweater. I'm doing it in Cascade. I don't remember the colorway, but I call it kermit green! Here's my progress so far.

Well that's my latest update. Oh I may or may not join the Ravelympics. I'm still thinking if I have enough time. I have two swap packages coming up too. So I don't know. If I do I have to figure out which team I'm going to join also.

Yep, my life seems full of shallow things, but it's only because I like to keep it light here. And just a little pathetic, mourning characters on tv shows n stuff. Yeah I'm cool like that. ha.


crafty_kat said...

*blinks* What?? You're kidding, right????? Oh noes!

Well, maybe they're canceling the shows, since the guy playing Robin (name eludes me right now) won't do a third season?
Also, even if you could get it in DVD, you might not be able to play it (unless you have a very expensive DVD player lol). There's 3 systems in the world for movies (VHS and DVD alike), and unless you have a special player or an adapter, they won't play from one system to the other.

Gomerriffic said...

yeah his name is Jonas Armstrong. I think I'd be willing to get the special dvd player. I need a new one anyway :::wink:::

I've recently heard that Robin's "brother" may take over when he leaves. Very sad.